Star Wars wreath

I found this little plastic style Christmas wreath at the pound shop last year and I had an idea about weaving sweets treats throughout the gaps to make it look bright and colourful but then I ran out of time.

Then I saw my eldest son's Stormtrooper toys on the floor whilst tidying up and had an idea...

The dark side made him straddle the wreath...not me.
Ta da! Geek wreath! Well, it'll save me stepping on them over the festive period anyway...

(The wreath was from Poundland and I cut off some of the fake plastic flowers to add my little troopers, I'm sure this idea would work with any toys)


  1. Anonymous7.12.12

    That's amazing - he'll love it!

  2. Hehe, he gasped when he saw it then looked confused as to where I found his figures.

    We live in a 3 bedroom house. He has a box marked 'STAR WARS - HANDS OFF'.

    It wasn't difficult.