Our trip to Butlins Skegness!

We first visited the Skegness resort of Butlins back in July 2010, for a weekend break before the arrival of our 2nd son...a mere 4 days later! We were instantly hooked by the 'all inclusive' feel of the entertainment and activities offered on site and so the resort has become a firm family favourite.

Our 2nd visit back in 2012 was thoroughly enjoyed by the boys but myself and their Dad has a few reservations which caused us to question another visit.

But here we are in 2015, just returned from a 4 day trip and whilst we had an amazingly restful trip, some of our earlier observations still stand. You can read my earlier post here so I'll just update you with the new things we encountered on our holiday this time around.


3 things you're gonna love!

I don't know about you but as the weather turns hotter, my food thoughts turn towards tapas style grilled food and smoothies. My boys love smoothies and as they're so easy and healthy to make, I love to indulge them!

Being on a struct food budget means that whilst I'm never short of apples/bananas/oranges, the softer more luxurious fruits and veg are often out of my reach. Until recently that is! A few friends of mine had already discovered the amazing Anthony's Fruit and Veg Boxes who offer great value fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door (within an NG postcode) and from my first delivery, I can safely say I'm a total convert!

I ordered the full £20 box which includes fruit, veg and a salad selection and boy was I surprised when the delivery driver turned up with this lot...