What a week.

These past 7 days have seen my the highest, and lowest, I have been on a long time. Why I hear you ask? Well come a little closer and I shall fill you in...

Firstly, The Nottingham Evening Post (my local paper) ran a lovely feature about Star Bakery. It was better than I could have hoped for and the journalist was so complimentary about my cupcakes. The article has led to a surge in emails/enquiries and I have had some great orders this week so I have lots to keep me going. This business has always been about having the opportunity to do something I love whilst making people happy and I feel that I am now one step closer to this.


Purely for research purposes.

Honestly. I mean, I wouldn't buy cupcakes from other people unless I was just checking the quality....would I??

Well, yes. Some people find it very strange that I continue to buy cupcakes from other competitors or that I can still manage to stomach cupcakes after being surrounded by them all day. But I assure you, once you have a sweet tooth its with you for good. And I do recommend you do thorough research of your local competitors or else how else can you know what you're up against?

So yesterday I decided to try some cupcakes from a stall at my local farmers market. My heart pounded just thinking about another competitor so close to me but my husband bought a box and we eagerly opened it to try the goods. And what a disappointment.


Mummy's little helper

This weekend was very exciting. All my orders were completed by Friday so I had 2 full days to spend with my boys! A family weekend is a rare occurrence of late so I like to make the most of them. Even if they do involve doing very little and slouching around the house...


I love roses. Especially edible ones.

I am currently working on a few wedding orders and (I'm sure I will regret saying this) I am finding that I love making fondant roses! It must be therapeutic or something...

I really want to try and cover the top of one whole cake with lots of little roses so stay tuned for piccies if I ever get time to sit down and make 100 or so of them...