Espresso and chocolate meringues

This month saw the first 'special diet' themed Cake Eaters Anonymous event. There has been a lot of interest in running a gluten free/healthy option event and we decided that January would be the perfect month to do it in with everyone dieting and making healthy resolutions and all...

I won't lie, this is new territory for me. I'd almost call myself a gluten addict as I go through roughly 1 bag of flour per week in our normal family cooking and baking activities so I search high and low for a recipe I could try out that would fit the criteria.


A 'thank you' to Mr Star Bakery

A lot of you will have read about the plight of my husband and more importantly the role he plays in the running of my business. As March approaches we will be celebrating 17yrs years since our first date/snog/love connection etc which will mean we have been together for approximately half of my life. WHOAH.


Water beads + toddler = fun times!

Ahhh Pinterest, how I love thee. I recently added a new pin board detailing some fun ideas for playtime with the kids and it's inspired me to try out some new low cost activities with my boys (2 and 8yrs).


Making hot chocolate

The snow is here! I *love* the snow, I've been so excited about having the opportunity to get the sledge out and luckily we've had just enough in Notts to be able to build our snowman and have some outdoor fun...in the form of snowball fights!

One of the downsides to playing outside is the imminent freeze that starts from the toes up, and to combat that: I give you decadent and creamy hot chocolate.

This is a pretty standard recipe which I tweak from time to time depending on my mood and it's perfect for warming you up after a day outside.


Secrets of a thrifty baker

If, like many others, you're feeling the pinch after an over indulgent Christmas I have rounded up some of my favourite thrifty baking tips which might help you continue your favourite pastime AND save pennies at the same time. My New Year's resolution? Bake more of course!


Cinnamon buns recipe and photo guide

Cinnamon is one thing I just can't get enough of. It's such a staple ingredient for me that I actually start to feel a little panicky if I know I don't have much left in my baking cupboard. True story.

I first tried cinnamon buns when I was staying at my aunt's house in Boston one Christmas. I was 16 and had  avoided cinnamon buns as I don't like raisins in cake (and the buns in the UK always seem to have hidden raisins in them). My aunt had a box of cinnabon buns with extra frosting as a Christmas treat and ever since my first taste - I've been hooked!