Falling in love with Ashbourne

A few weeks ago, I ran my first 5k... Donnnn't worry, this isn't another post about running but instead about the place I discovered on my travels.

I've never really explored much of Derbyshire, and this was the first time I've visited Ashbourne in particular. Ashbourne is a lovely little hilly town filled with retro looking storefronts and, on this occasion, also DRENCHED in swags of festive bunting.

I visited on the day of the annual Ashbourne Festival. The weather was kind to us so after our run, we ventured a little way into town and stumbled across a little cafe called the Artisan Cafe and Bottle Shop.


Running with the family

A few months ago, I started the Couch to 5K challenge in a bid to get myself off the couch and into a more healthier lifestyle. Starting to run seemed like an mammoth task, but I got there in the end and a few weeks ago I participated in my first 5K run! The feeling of pride as I crossed that finish line was absolutely amazing and I've really been bitten by the running bug now.

I'd like to be able to run more, but being a single Mum and having 2 kids to look after for most of the week, makes it a bit tricky for me. I've found a place where I can run laps and leave the boys to play (always within my sight) but taking them out on their bikes isn't very practical as we're often stopping every 2 mins to tie a shoelace, or look at a dog... so it's a non starter really. I'm starting to hear groans when I mention joining me for a run so I've started looking at a new way to involve the boys.


Glamping in Wales

Earlier this year, my partner and I decided to book a weekend away from it all. Living in the East Midlands gave us lots of options for places to visit and we eventually settled on Wales. I've never been adverse to camping or roughing it on holiday so we looked towards treehouses, yurts etc in a bid to find something a bit romantic, but with an outdoorsy feel.

We eventually came across a little place called The Sleepout in Meifod and we knew it'd be perfect. Well my partner did, but I needed a bit more convincing! The idea of a compost loo and no electricity did worry me at first but looking through the gallery and seeing a reading nook soon brought me round.