January newsletter available now

The January edition of our newsletter is now available here.

And just a little note for anyone thinking about ordering a box of our cupcakes - our minimum order is now 9 cupcakes per order. We have decided to increase the minimum order size as many of you have been asking for orders in multiples of 9 so we thought we'd make it easier for everyone and now offer this as our minimum.



Valentines cupcakes 2010

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, being in this business means my work is very seasonal so I like to get started on ideas and themes nice and early. The one downside is that all the 'holidays' seem to go on forever! I can't believe we still have a few weeks till Valentines day, I feel like I have been making pink icing and heart shaped cookies for weeks. I'm not complaining though, I think I have the best job in the world!


Valentines for the sweet toothed

OK, hands up who stole the last week from me? Come on, there is no way I have been that busy that time has just escaped from me...on no...hold on I understand. Mr Time and Mother Nature got together and decided to gang up on me - no fair!

So like everyone else in the UK I have been at the mercy of the weather. My road is officially an ice rink and school has been shut a few times now so my day has been chaotic to say the least. But being housebound has also meant I've had some time to think about my Valentines cake designs and get some samples made for you all to see and voila......here they are! Now available in multiples of 9, this lovely gift box can be yours for only £20 delivered to any NG postcode. I've already had a few enquiries since posting the pictures yesterday so they are proving popular.

I am also planning to add some new Valentines cookies and a small Love Heart inspired cake into the mix so watch this space.

It's good I love pink buttercream and hearts!!


Yet another reason to eat cake!

Welcome all to 2010, another year without flying cars but with copious amounts of cake and cookies to make up for it! Hooray!

And what better reason to buy edible treats than for the one you love than Valentine's Day. Yes, its only 6 weeks to go till we celebrate the most romantic day of the year and we really have got our thinking caps on here at the bakery. We will be offering new sized gift boxes (holding 9 cupcakes instead of 6), heart shaped cookies and personalised mini cakes for the cake lover in your life. Keep an eye on our website as we'll be posting our seasonal goodies soon.