Star Bakery guest appearances

Things have been pretty hectic the last few weeks since the website went live so my posts have been few and far between but I hope to rectify this over coming weeks.

I thought you might like to know that Star Bakery is making guest appearances all over the place! A few blogger's have contacted me recently asking to use some of my cake images and here they are in all their glory.



Firstly a massive THANK YOU to everyone who entered the competition! I am truly gobsmacked by the number of fabulous entries we had to this competition. I have had SUCH a hard job picking a winner and in the end I needed some independent advice on who was going to receive my box of cakes. So without further ado the winner of 6 gorgeous caramel cupcakes is...

.....Jenny Williams!! Congratulations Jenny! For anyone that didn't see her entry she said "I think I (well my sister) deserve these yummy cupcake treats. She has just gone into queens medical centre to be induced (weds 21st 9.15am), baby being 2 weeks overdue and mummy feeling very fed up. Baby George is likely to be born either later today or tomorrow and caramel filled cupcakes would be the perfect treat for her in hospital (or at home) given that baby will be getting all the goodies and presents from friends! Also her other half cannot feed himself, and so a caramel cupcake would be the perfect tea for him, given she wont be cooking any time soon!"

Well how could refuse an entry like that!

But wait...with so many great entries to choose from and to say thank you for joining in this time I'd like to offer all entrants 20% off your next order with Star Bakery. I have a list of all of your names so if you haven't yet tried our cakes and would like to see what the fuss is about then drop me a line at liana@starbakery.co.uk and claim your discount! This discount is valid until 31 December 2009 so take a look at our website and see what tickles your fancy!


Competition time!

This is a monumental time for Star Bakery, firstly our website is now LIVE! I have so many big thanks to make to the wonderful Al for his awesome work building/tweaking and catering to my every whim of web design but I will save that for another day. For now it's....

Competition time! To mark the occasion of a spangly new website and so many fabulous orders these past few weeks I have decided to offer a little thank you to everyone that has supported Star Bakery and made it all possible.

I have 6 of my newest cupcakes ready to give away! A brand new flavour to add to our collection it is a Caramel filled chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream. The caramel is homemade, gooey and sweet and would be perfect for the sweet toothed person in your life - or indeed just as a guilty pleasure for you!


New website launches soon!

Apologies for the gap in blog posts, life has been increasingly hectic but at last I have some exciting news about Star Bakery...

Our website will be going live very soon - Hurray! One of my lovely talented friends has been busy building it and making it look lovely, and we're now at a stage where it should be ready to go live within the next week or so.


Looking towards the future

So much to do - so little time! I knew when I started this business life would be busy but as my 'to do' continues to grow, I realise that making this business successful is going to take everything I've got.

But I am determined to keep all my balls in the air and want to offer you a sneak preview of what's to come with Star Bakery...