Dairy Free Chocolate Easter Cake

Leading a dairy free lifestyle is sometimes trickier than it seems, I mean it's pretty easy to spot 'milk' as an allergy on most ingredients lists/menus but sometimes I get complacent and things I ASSUME would be dairy free, often lead me into the most trouble!

This past weekend I have been working away in London. This generally means eating food from a standard pub style eatery and I'm pretty good at navigating a menu; steak and chips = GOOD, pasta carbonara = BAD.

But the first night of my stay I had a hotdog which was free from dairy, and it was delicious! On the 3rd night, I decided to finish off my stay with the same yummy meal only to end up in agony hours later. The onions were cooked on the 2nd meal (thay were chopped up raw 1st time around) so I can only assume they were fried in some butter or margerine. 2 days after that meal I'm still nursing a very sensitive digestive system but after spending 3 days at a cake show, all I can dream of is sugar!


Pink buttercream filled mini egg cookies!

There isn't much in life that can't be improved with pink buttercream. Even now I'm making it with Vitalite (as a dairy free alternative to butter) it still has the ability to cheer me up whilst I scoff down a spoonful between meals.

These cookies don't really variate from my standard cookie recipe except they include MINI EGGS! 

Yes, 'tis the season of egg shaped chocolate and now Hotel Chocolat have launched a milk free milk chocolate egg - I too can look forward to a creamy milk chocolate filled Easter.