Frugal half term activity for the kids

Like most parents, I'm on a budget for this half term. My boys have more than enough toys to occupy them but you know what it's like, they seem to lose interest in anything they already own and you're never more than a few minutes away from the dreaded "MUUUM, we're bored" routine.

A few days ago we were stocking up at Aldi when I spotted this cool box (OK, did I just say that out loud??) but I just knew it would occupy the boys so I nabbed it and used it for our shopping.

Fast forward to today when we broke out the felt tips, broke the box in half and let each boy create their own little 'stage'. I knew Milo would want a train track so I helped him just a teensy bit ;)


Easy American Biscuits

I've been making american biscuits for a few years now and finding the perfect recipe has so far alluded me. If you've never tried and american biscuit then I'd say it's similar to a savoury scone but softer and fluffier and best served warm - you typically make them to soak up any gravy after a feast of chicken and mashed potatoes. YUM.

I came across this recipe on my blog travels and couldn't believe it's minimal ingredients. Double cream and flour. THAT'S IT. Surely this is a typo? But nope, I was proved wrong when I made them and they came out delicious!

The key to this recipe is to not overmix. I used a wooden spoon and barely worked the dough until it was combined, my biscuits came out a little 'rustic' as I had to re roll my dough after forgetting to flour the surface (d'oh!) but I'm definitely making these again so I've learnt a lesson for next time.


Chocolate covered Oreos

I never knew this mould existed until I started working in a cake supplies shop and ever since I saw them I knew I had to buy one. I'm talking about chocolate moulds for Oreo cookies.

Wilton is one of my favourite cake decorating companies and we're not lucky enough to be spoiled with all of the fun stuff they get in the States but that's slowly changing...hurrah!


Brownie Pops for Valentines

It's the annual week of love. Everywhere you turn you're surrounded by hearts, flowers and other grand displays of romance and whilst I don't buy into spending lots of money to measure my love for Mr Star Bakery - I do like to make an effort and make a little something nice.

I'm all for using the skills that god gave me so what better way to treat someone than to bake them some treats? It's also becoming more commonplace to make something for the kids to take to school so I've found a little recipe that might just fit the bill.