My baking wishlist

At any given time I have at *least* 15 recipes I'm dying to try out and websites like Pinterest have done nothing but feed my recipe hoarding addiction. So I thought I'd share an few that I'm hoping to try throughout December - I might not make them all but I'll have fun trying:

1. Peanutella - My friend Kerry from Kerry Cooks recently made homemade nutella. It was like eating lqiuid heaven from a spoon. I've decided I couldn't possibly better her attempt but I might just try this peanutty version from Smitten Kitchen.

2. Oreo stuffed funfetti cookies - anything Oreo stuffed is gonna be a winner in my book but this recipe goes to the top of the list when it's paired with rainbow sprinkles. Did I mention they're stuffed with Oreos?

3. Peanut butter pie - this pie has been on my list a long time. It may be the yankie snob in me but I want to wait until I can get some proper American peanut butter to try it out so I've been putting it off. I love this version from Budget Gourmet Mom as the additional ganache topping would help even out the sweetness of the peanut butter (just don't tell my sweet tooth I said that).

4. Chocolate caramel tarts - since I started working at Sweet Success I've noticed in influx of regulars who buy Buttercsotch flavouring. I never knew what it was used for until we started to accompany it with a caramel tart recipe. The recipe makes a tart which harks back to the days when caramel tarts were served at school and My Baking Addiction has created a chocolate version which looks incredible.

5. Chocolate peanut butter fudge - Ok, so I've just discovered I have a peanutty theme going on with this post but who cares? I bloomin love 'em! This recipe from one of my fave bakers Brown Eyed Baker is probably going to be a staple for my homemade gifts this year. I mean, who doesn't love fudge?? If you answered yes, please take yourself to the back of the baking class.

What recipes are you dying to try? Does anyone have any I could add to my list?

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