Swirls Bakery website launch

Pale Blue and red polka dot cake via Swirls Bakery
Waaaaay back in August last year I had some exciting news for you all. Myself and the lovely Maidie from Heavenly Cupcakes had decided to pool our cake love and form a new bakery specialising in beautiful bright tiered cakes for extra special occasions.

And finally, after months of business planning and cake designing we have an amazing new website to show you! Swirls Bakery has officially launched this week and we're very excited to showcase our new cake designs alongside some projects we've been working on over the last 6mths.


My favourite cookbooks

A little selection of the cookbooks on my shelves
For anyone that knows me, it goes without saying that I'm a HUGE Nigella Lawson fan. I bought my first Nigella book (Hot to be a Domestic Goddess) back when I was pregnant with my 1st son 7yrs ago in my effort to 'domesticate' my cooking efforts and make amazing meals for my family.

Needless to say I fell in love with the book but it didn't have the desired effect on my cooking skills...


Cupcake decorating with the Nottingham WI

The cakes post-decoration! Don't they look great??
I love the WI. As an expat, the whole concept of the Women's Institute was not something I grew up around but I love the idea of getting involved in our local community and meeting such fab and interesting people at the same time!

Well, the Nottingham City WI is a fab example of a great WI. Kerry Edwards is the President of the City WI and I've come across Kerry whilst running Cake Eaters Anonymous and also via her blog where her amazing cakes caught my eye!


School holiday cookies!

I seem to have fallen into a ritual of baking yummy treats with my son during any (and all) school holidays. I didn't do this on purpose and I only just realised this has become a staple arrangement when I look back through old blog posts. Nevertheless, it's a ritual I really enjoy :)

So this week is no different. I have a few large bakery orders for the next few weeks but I have mostly tried to slow the work pace this week as we're doing a spot of home decorating and my work/life/mum/wife balance is getting a little squiffy these days...


Trip to Newfields Dairy

Chocolate Brownie
I'm sure by now most of us are aware of the impending cold weather that's soon to fall over the British Isles once again. After a beautifully sunny week, it was to be expected...

In a bid to make the most of the weather whilst it lasts, me and the family made a trip over to nearby Newfields Dairy a local dairy farm where they make their own milk and cream from Cows you pass on the way in. My eldest pointed out that the rain was surely on it's way when he noticed the cows were sitting down...lol!