Working girl

The 'wall of ribbon' at Sweet Success. A true sight to behold.
Happy Friday readers! How are we all today? I can't believe July is just around the corner, when did THAT happen?? You know what this means don't you? My baby boy will be 2 this month, I literally have no idea where the time has gone...

So these past few months have been full of change and seen the start of lots of new adventures for me. I've started my new bakery venture - Swirls Bakery - which is going from strength to strength and we're busy booking into wedding fairs as we speak so that's very exciting!


Strawberries, pastry and whipped cream. YES.

Yummy dessert! So quick and easy to make.
Whilst walking through Nottingham the other day I spotted some fabulous looking strawberries on a stall in Nottingham city centre. Now, I have a real soft spot for a yummy strawberry and as my plants aren't quite bearing fruit yet I couldn't help but indulge and buy a big punnet to snack on. Luckily my boys are also strawberry lovers so we shared them all whilst continuing our jaunt around town.



What 'we' love about Britain - Happy Egg competition entry

Our 'Bake the Nation' competition entry via our new bakery - Swirls Bakery
Happy Jubilee weekend everyone! Now, this might seem odd coming from a very patriotic US expat but I LOVE the monarchy. This comment might inspire grumbles of displeasure from some of you but I am really enjoying the party like atmosphere that seems to be descending upon us all and my daily walk to school is now lined with union flags hanging from houses up and down the street - I'll be gutted when all this bunting goes away!