I shall call him.....Mini Me.

We've had these little fellas on our menu for a while now but in case you hadn't seen them yet I'd like to introduce you to our 'cupcake minis' a two bite version of our standard size cuppies.

Our minis cost £1 and are available to our in multiples of 24 (it may sound like a lot but I dare you not to eat less than 3 in one go!).


Cake Britain - yummy cake locally!

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I get a lot of email enquiries asking if I can send my cakes through the post, the simple answer being no. I suppose I could but can you imagine the mess they'd be in when they reached their destination? Yummy as it might be.


Baking, babies and beyond

Hello everybody! Long time no post, but now we're back with a vengeance after what seems like an eternity of baking and babies :)

So if you hadn't already gathered I've gone from mum-of-one to mum-of-two, here's a little peek of Milo who was born on 21st July.