Celebrating Star Wars day on May the 4th!

Needless to say, Star Wars is a big deal in our house. I wasn't exactly brought up watching Star Wars but you know I love my sci-fi and it's a great movie to get your kids started in the world of science fiction. So, I have embraced the force in recent years which is a good job as my eldest knows the Star Wars universe inside and out...


Cake club and carrot cake brownies

I love carrot cake. I don't make it nearly enough as I would like as I HATE grating carrots (I normally end up with more grated knuckles in my cooking) but when I spotted this recipe for Carrot Cake Brownies from Crazy for Crust, I knew I had to try it! One of my favourite bits of carrot cake is the cream cheese frosting so these little brownies sounded heavenly.


Easter egg hunt cupcakes featuring Cadbury's Creme Eggs!

 I think it's pretty clear from previous blog posts that I'm a fan of Cadbury's Creme Eggs. My only gripe is that I can't possibly eat enough for the duration of their sale period, so baking with them ensures I hit my creme egg quota for the year.


The Cake and Bake Show Manchester

I clearly don't have enough cake in my life as it seems I'm now resorting to spending my free time searching out cake and attending cake shows like the Cake and Bake Show!

Actually, that's a bit misleading. I attended the Cake and Bake show in Manchester this past weekend to represent my employer, Sweet Success Ltd, and check out the amazing CakeBomb team and see how they had brought some of our cakes, ganache and chocolate sugarpaste to life. And I wasn't disappointed!


Pimpin' my creme eggs

The famous TV campaign asks us "How do you eat yours?" and apart from 'frequently', my answer has always been the same - by scooping out the insides with my index finger and then gobbling up the shell. Is there any other way?

Cadbury's Creme Eggs haven't changed in years. I mean literally, I think they look the same since my childhood which is weird as normally everything you eat as a child seems to shrink when you grow up at least...