Boxes boxes everywhere

If this past Valentine's is anything to go by then we are in for a busy Mother's Day that's for sure! This was the scene in my kitchen on just one of our delivery days:

I've even had to buy a new fridge to accommodate the growing levels of stock I need to keep at one time! As I make all the cakes fresh I need to be prepared for those last minute orders which means late night dashes to the supermarket are a no go these days.


Star Bakery featured on Frillies for Fillies blog!

The lovely Kate at Frillies for Fillies blog got in touch last week after featuring some Star Bakery love recently. She has a lovely blog filled with gorgeous pictures and posts about fashion and has even done a post about one of my favourite TV shows Mad Men (I LOVE that era for female fashion!).
She asked me to get involved in her monthly Local Focus feature and I jumped at the chance! Have a read of it here and check out the rest of her blog.

Thanks Kate, your blog is gorgeous and I am overjoyed to be featured on it x


A little mini break this week

As many of you long suffering parents will know this week marks half term for schools around the country. A week when us parents groan and our kids rejoice - especially when it comes to spending our money!

I have tried to reduce my orders this week in the hope of spending some much needed mother/child bonding time but I will still be picking up emails and calls so please feel free to contact us if you have any order requests!

I shall be a little silent online so please be assured that next week marks a return to normal business and our February newsletter is due out next week too. Packed with ideas for Mother's Day and Easter so watch this space.


Non-edible cupcakes?!

This post if a little off topic but I thought I'd share a fun time I recently had a friends party in Nottingham. My friend Beth rather ingeniously hired out a fun sewing class at the Textile Workshop in Nottingham so the 10 of us could have 3hrs of fun making and altering some of our favourite clothes.


One month on and still going strong!

OK, so technically that's not true. I mean Star Bakery officially opened for business last January (2009) but January 2010 is when I started this business full time. And do you know what? For the first time the other day I realised it's actually starting to feel like 'my job' and not just a part time hobby I do for to satisfy my creative side (and wallet!).

January was far busier than I ever expected it to be. I always knew people loved cupcakes but on average I get about 2 calls a day enquiring about placing an order so it seems Star Bakery's name is really getting out there in Notts.