Peanut butter and butterscotch chip cookies

My friend Trista (a fellow US expat) hosted a lovely Potter-themed-Thanksgiving-style get together which featured board games, great company and more importantly my 1st ever try of homemade butterbeer (which was AMAZING! Trista's husband Rob is like a real life Heston Blumenthal!).

The thrill of attending a party and being invited to eat all the lovely dishes that make up Thanksgiving was a delight. Biscuits, pumpkin pie and cranberry suace were all standard fodder but the menu was given a modern twist with pumpkin brownies and deconstructed green bean casserole. Ever tried it? 'Cos I have!

Guests were invited to bring a festive dish so I decided to bring my favourite chocolate chip cookies. But in honour of celebrating an American holiday I decided to fill them with some new ingredients...

Asda now stock mini peanut butter cups and butterscotch pieces and after conquering the Oreo stuffed cookie I just knew I had to try again with peanut butter cups. I froze the cups for about an hour before baking to ensure they stayed as solid as possible as I wanted a real chunk of peanut butter in that centre bite. I'm pleased to report they stayed pretty entact and I'd love to try again with a real size peanut butter cup next time!

The butterscotch pieces were a bit more of a challenge as they melted soooo fast once they hit the oven. I also popped some white chocolate chips into the cookies and the butterscotch melted into little pools of gooey caramelised mini craters which became yummy and chewy and captured a little bit of the butterbeer essence too.

For this recipe I used my go to cookie recipe which is fab because you can put anything in the batter to make new and exciting cookies; it's a cookie win/win!

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