Gingerbread loaf with salted caramel glaze

A few weeks ago I attended the newly revamped Sneinton Urban Food Market and FINALLY got to meet (and sample) some of the lovely sauces from The Sauce Shop!

The Sauce Shop is a business run by the 'food passionate' Pam and James who make natural sauces from their home in Nottingham. A true local food business if I ever saw one! Pam is working hard to rejuvenate the Urban Food market scene in Nottingham and as The Phat Doughnut Co were also there, how could I resist attending?!

I managed to bag a couple of jars of their Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Sauce and I have to say - I'm smitten. I've already used half a jar of the Salted Caramel Sauce and it won't be long before I need to stock up again...


3 things you're gonna love!

I love searching out new and interesting things. Since moving to Nottingham 14yrs ago, I've become a real City gal and luckily for me we have so many fab things to see and do locally that I never need to venture far away from home!

Living near the big city also means I can search out products relatively easily rather than having to resort to buying online so I've decided to start a little series to share with you a few things that I just know you're gonna love!

First up is Coconut Oil. You may have noticed that this stuff is everywhere nowadays - and for good reason! I discovered Coconut Oil at Holland and Barrett and was hooked immediately. It comes in a hard form in a jar but softens relatively quickly in the palm of your hands. I use mine for cooking, as a hair mask, for removing makeup, as a lip balm...the list is endless and Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for even more uses. I now use Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and I've never looked back.