Double chocolate cake mix cookies

If, like me, you spend anytime online looking through recipe websites then you'll notice one thing - Americans seem to be obsessed with boxed cake mix. I'm not making a judgement on this fact as I think the UK has a very small selection of boxed mixes, and as none of them are especially 'wow' they're frowned upon as a cheap and easy option for non bakers.


The Star Bakery Christmas range 2012

I lurrrrve this time of the year. Christmas seems to inspire a 'marmite' like effect in people but I for one can't wait to put my tree up and get the Christmas tunes on full blast. I do have a cut off though - 1 December. I refuse to eat a mince pie, buy an eggnog latte or watch a Christmas movie until at least the 1st or else I'm liable to combust from too much Christmas cheer before the big day.

I have however allowed myself a sneak peek into Christmas this weekend by launching our new Christmas range. This is the most exciting festive range we've ever done and if the popularity of the products online are anything to go by then I fully expected we'll be booked up in no time!


Angry Birds at Sundown Adventureland

Happy 8th Birthday Finley!
My eldest son turned 8 recently and for once I knew exactly where we were going to take him for his birthday - Sundown Adventureland!

Earlier this year we'd heard about a new section of the park that'd been built and from the moment Finley overheard me talking about it he knew he wanted to go. The Angry Birds activity park opened in September and luckily his birthday is at the end of September so off we went!


[Mr Star Bakery] Being a baker's husband

Hello, my name is Phil and I am a bakers husband. In light of the recent baking boom we are an ever growing breed; we don’t ask for a lot of recognition and we take little credit for the fabulous baking that takes place. Our contributions to the business are often unseen, but can be very important. Let me tell you a bit more about my role...


Cake International 2012

Last weekend saw the return of Cake International. The event used to be yearly in Birmingham at the NEC but the recent baking boom has seen it expand to 2 new locations in Manchester and London so you can get your cakey fill 3 times a year. Yessss!

There are a few new cake events that have popped up this year but Cake International has been around the longest and attracts competitors and demonstrators from around the world so the range of cakes on display in the competition is always fascinating.


Star Bakery website gets a facelift!

In 2008, Star Bakery was a dream. A little hobby that took up some time and filled me with endless hours of baking pleasure.

In 2009, one of my lovely friend's offered to create a website for me which would showcase my work and get me established as a serious cake business in Notts.


Halloween at the Great Central Railway

My youngest son is train mad. He lives, breathes, eats and sleeps trains. We live next to a train/tram line and even though they pass every 10mins or so, it's so endearing to see him rush to the window and point them out to me like I've never seen them before.


Apple Crumble recipe

Apple crumble destined for the oven
The winter months turn my attention towards comfort food and when it comes to desserts, it's gotta be something cinnamony for me. I had a few apples left in the fridge and this apple crumble is so quick and easy to make that I managed to get it ready whilst cooking the dinner.


Piping nozzle collection

"I don't know what you mean, it's not like I have an EXCESSIVE amount of cake decorating tools or anything. Oh wait..."

Working at Sweet Success is killing my bank balance...


Nacho cheese dip recipe

In anticipation for Thanksgiving later this month I'm immersing myself in US culture by doing what I do best: watching repeats of Buffy and making tasty snacks to share with my family.

And who doesn't like cheese dip? Except for my friend Sarah who avoids cheese like the plague, but then she makes up for it by eating copious amounts of cake so balance is restored.


Having fun with homemade Playdough

Tri colour playdough!
It was half term in our neck of the woods last week and the weather was ABYSMAL! Recent transatlantic hurricanes have made me appreciate our relatively mundane weather but even my boys were getting sick of the grey skies that seemed to blight every attempt at an escape from the house.

My eldest son also took it upon himself to start to compile his Christmas list and this was paired with the annual "panic, we're not gonna be able to afford Christmas presents" mental anguish that I'm sure most parents experience this time of the year.