Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Cookies

Is there anything better than a chocolate chip cookie? Answer: Yes, when it's a chocolate chip cookie filled with delicious things!

This cookie recipe is my go-to recipe and it's so adaptable, you can add in any mix in of your choosing with great results. I've added in nuts, sprinkles, flavoured chips etc and each time they've turned out great.

After stuffing my cookies with Oreos and Nutella a few years back, I've been experimenting whenever I have some leftover chocolate and these Peanut Butter Cups and Marshmallows make a winning combination.


Dessert Nachos

This Summer, I decided to take a little blogging break. I still regularly tweet/facebook/instagram all of my cake related adventures, but I've been especially busy with work and any time I had to bake, was quickly eaten up with another task that needed finishing!

It was only recently when my other half whipped up some dairy free scones for breakfast one day that I decided I didn't really have any excuses not to enjoy some time in the kitchen again...

I'm blogging a very simple recipe today which I made in under 15mins in the run up to a family movie night. Removing dairy from my diet means that food like flavoured crisps etc are generally a 'no go'. As me and the boys sat down to watch a film one night, I realised that whilst I'd made them snacks - I had nothing to snack on for myself. Gutted!