My Mum, the lady that started it all

One of the many cakes my Mum made

Today's a strange day for me. Every year, just as I'm getting my festive spirit on...I hit a standstill. The reason? Today marks the anniversary of the day my Mum passed away.

This year is 'Year 9 post-Mum'. It's weird to think that so much has now happened in my life since my Mum passed, yet I know full well I wouldn't be the person I am today without her presence in my life. She never got to meet 3 of her 4 grandchildren, she never got to see me start my baking journey or watch her children become the people they are today.

There I am, in that belly!
As some of you will know my Mum is the person who started my love of cakes and baking. Even at our poorest growing up, she would always made a cake which we would savour till the last crumb. Her baking was so distinctive and no matter how hard I try, I still endeavour to bake a cake which tastes exactly like hers did. I even use her recipe though I think she might have left out a secret ingredient in her recipe book...

I try and make time to bake as much as I can and share it with my family because I know those memories last. Taste, smell etc these are the things that bring us back to our childhood. I beg anyone reading this - if you've never made time to bake then don't be scared. Grab an easy recipe and start baking with your kids. Yes it'll be messy and your efforts will be rewarded with tiny, overly sweet cupcakes with waaaay too much icing on them but your kids WILL remember these times with you.

I used to sit with my Mum while she was making her cakes (she didn't have a mixer she just used brute force and a wooden spoon) and we used to laugh so hard when she'd hand me the bowl she'd been easily whisking and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't move the spoon to whip the buttercream like she did! And NOTHING tasted as good as eating that first slice of cake. Some of my school friends STILL remember my Mum's cakes 20yrs on, meaning they have had an impact wider than she could possibly imagine.

It's probably very cliched to say that you should appreciate your parents as much as you can. Talk to them, laugh with them, hug them and ask them questions about everything cos one day they'll be gone. You know that person who you can cry with and who no matter what, will be in your corner? Well they won't always be here and trust me when I say that the more you do with them now - the more cherished memories you'll have when they're gone.

My and Mum at my wedding
My Mum died when she was 47. She had Hepatitis C and was taken from us far too early. I didn't know I had Hep C until she died, and unfortunately that's one trait I wish I didn't share with her. My 'get baking' message is clear, but I'm going to use this post to urge anyone and everyone reading to check out the Hep C trust and familiarise yourself with this disease so you know the facts. I fight my own battle with this disease and you could say this spurs me on in life - I'm determined to do all the things I want to do...and more! Effective treatments are now available for this disease and whilst (in *some* respects they come a little late for me) just knowing that having Hep C is no longer always a potentially fatal illness, is very comforting.

So go find a parent and hug 'em. If you don't have one, hug yourself. Just do something to appreciate and that you are today and all that you can be to somebody because you never know what impact you can have on them until it's too late.


  1. Amazing women your mom, and I'm thankful to have met her.
    I am also thnakful that she made an amazing woman who married me too. x

  2. Anonymous11.12.12

    Wondeful post Liana, I'm so sorry that your mum was taken from you so early

  3. liana you are such a good daughter and mother yourself. Your mom was the greatest person her smile was infectious, you could not frown around her. I miss sitting outside at night with her and just talking forever. I have her in my memories in so many things that we do. I love you and gabe like my own family. I do wish I had some of her bakies though. Love you