2012 in review

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013! It feels like I was just seeing the New Year 2012 when low and behold we're celebrating another one. Is it me or is time on fast forward right now? It seems like the 90's were just the other day...

I decided to do a little round up of my year so I can bask in a little cakey success (!) and also think about my plans for 2013. I think it's important for self employed people to take time to look back and see what you've achieved, it's a great way to take stock:

- Swirls Bakery is a 'GO'! 2012 saw the official start of my 2nd bakery business; this time run in partnership with Maidie from Heavenly Cupcakes. We're two determined businesswomen and we've had a fab year trying out new exploits in baking and cake design so watch this space for what comes next, it's gonna be a FAB year!

- Most bakers will tell you how daunting it is to have your home inspected by the Environmental Health team when you start your bakery business, I am lucky to have a great inspector who makes it nice and easy for me to keep records and answer any queries I have so I was chuffed to to bits to get a 5 star rating this time around (you could only get 4 stars when I first applied in 2009 if you were a new business).

- In May I started a new part time job working at Sweet Success in their sugarcraft store. It's no secret to say I LOVE my new job and yes, most of my wages do go straight back into the till ;) It's fab to be able to work outside of the home again and it's not straying too far from what I do in my business so it's really a win/win on my part.

- I  made a LOT of cake again this year. I couldn't possibly show you pictures of them all so I have picked out some of my favourites from the year to date:

I'm now a Mum to an 8yr old and 2yr old! These kids are growing waaaaay to fast for my liking, they continue to make me proud every day and they're such loving brothers. I truly am blessed.
- This year our Cake Eaters Anonymous group hit the £3000 mark for the money we've raised for charity since starting up in June 2011. We now have 6 branches around the UK and if you're thinking of starting one then see our notes here.

Phew! What a huge amount to fit into one little year! It's certainly been a rollercoaster of a year with lots of new chapters starting in my life and my mind boggles about where 2013 will take me. You can be sure of one thing though, it's gonna be action packed.

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