Doctor Who inspired family fun day

Happy 50th anniversary Doctor Who! If, like me, you're a fellow Whovian then it will have no doubt escaped your notice that this past weekend has been ALL about celebrating a massive TV milestone for Doctor Who. 50 years, I mean I don't know many programmes that get past 50 episodes let alone 50 years!

Me and my boys love the Doctor so I decided to make the most of the day and create a little family fun day themed especially for the night time showing of the 'Day of the Doctor'.


Matcha tea cupcakes with strawberry frosting

I'm relatively new to tea, being a coffee lover, but recently I've been embracing new herbal teas and to my surprise have discovered that Redbush Tea is my new favourite hot drink of choice! I'm thoroughly addicted and the fact that it's caffeine free means I can drink it right up until bedtime.

But Matcha Tea is new to me. I've heard of green tea but I've never tried it so when a client asked me to make her wedding cupcakes matcha flavoured, I knew I'd have some experimenting to do! Luckily in Nottingham we have international supermarkets on tap and the Oriental Mart in Nottingham sold the Matcha powder which is imported from Japan. The guy in the shop was super helpful and even explained to me how to use it in baking which was an added bonus!


Mars Bar filled brownies

Halloween has come and gone and left our house filled with sweet treats of every description. The kids were very lucky this year and returned home with bags of sweets and 2wks on, we still have some leftover!

I posted my Sweet loaded cookie bars a few weeks back and whilst they are a great way to use up little sweeties you have left lying around, I had managed to pick up a giant bag of funsize mars bar for under £1 so I needed to find a recipe that would use them up - fast!

I decided on brownies as they last really well if stored in an airtight container and they're super easy to pop into a lunchbox. I was also travelling to see some friends at the weekend and made up a batch which travelled unscathed on trains, trams and after countless miles walking!


Minecraft dessert table fun at Gamecity

There are many things that lead me to believe that I truly do live in the best city in the UK. One of those things is Gamecity.

Now don't get me wrong; hardcore gamer I am not, but as the sister of a brother who played games for the duration of his youth I can safely say I've learnt a trick or two. I remember every console we had since the age of 9 and am very proficient with any brand Nintendo controller. I pulled out our old Super Nintendo a little whole ago just to check I still remembered all the cheats and warps throughout the Super Mario Bros 2 game (I can proudly report - I did).