Cake Eaters Anonymous

Last May, myself and 3 other lovely cake lovers I met via Twitter decided that drooling over cake pictures was no longer enough so we baked cakes, got together and ate them.

Ok, so that's a simplified version of events but 10mths later and we're now knee deep in one of Nottingham's most successful cake clubs. If you haven't heard of us then you can find out more here. And you too can drool over lovely cake images by checking out our Facebook page here.


Perfecting my cheesecake recipe

My Mum used to make the world's best cheesecake. Hands down. Don't even argue with me. But it's an expensive dessert to make so we wouldn't have it often and now it's become synonymous with me for special occasions, so I think of it as a real treat.


My return...marked by peanut butter bars?!

Well hello there readers! After a lengthy sabbatical I've decided that my brain is just too darn full of cakey love and if I don't dispose of it soon then there is a definite possibility that the sugar rush might just consume me.