Sprinkle covered cake pop

Sometimes cake can make the world feel better. Ideally, the sun will be shining and your cake will come in the form of a red velvet sprinkle covered cake pop.

Ahhhh, that's better.


Wedding Season is coming...

Can you smell it in the air? It's just around the corner....yes, it's nearly wedding season! I love this time of the year as all those lovely couples I met at the planning stages of their weddings now get in touch for a final time to confirm any last minute details and make the final arrangements for their cakes. Eek!

The time comes around so quick and even though most of my wedding clients might have booked over 12mths ago, these last few weeks seem to go by in a flash and we finally get to see what the cake looks like. I can always clearly picture a wedding cake display but for the couples it's hard to imagine how fab it will look until they see it and I still get butterflies setting up a cake at a venue as I know my clients will love it.

So, whilst works gets busier for me in coming months please expect more wedding related posts as I surround myself in wedding resources and once again tap into the illustrious wedding market filled with pretty dresses, flowers, favours and more cake than you can shake a stick at.


Birthday cakes for a baker

The proud creator shows off his masterpiece!
A lot of people assume that I must be sick of cake by now, that I no longer appreciate cake and that the last thing I want for my birthday is my own cake. But you know what, they'd be wrong! I LOVE cake and even though I work with (or around it) every day, I never cease to crave a piece of sweet cakey goodness at the end of a long day.

I do have a dark secret about cake though. I loved boxed cake mix! As an USA ex-pat, every year I treat myself to some American treats which include a box of my favourite Funfetti cake mix. My Mum always baked from scratch so I have no idea where this craving comes from but these cake mixes are my own secret love. I'd never use them for client orders but for family treats - pass the box!



I love my cake glitter. When I first started my business I pretty much bought a pot of it in every colour! If it stays still in my house, I'll cover it in glitter.

Until late last year that is. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have issued guidance about the use of 'edible' glitters and have decided that the way these products are packaged might lead consumers to think they are safe to be consumed - when they are not.

Now, as someone who has purchased glitters labelled as 'edible' or 'non toxic' (and coupled with the fact they are sold widely in cake decorating shops) I am aghast to think I might have been misusing a product! But alas, the guidance is clear and all of my lovely cake glitters have been stashed away with my sons art supplies ready for the next school project...

Interestingly I note that there are still cakes on sale drenched in this glitter, and I suspect that it won't be long before a food safe version is on the market, so the question is how will the consumer know what they're eating is safe? I've produced one cake that had a topper coated in glitter but I had to give the client strict instructions about removing it before eating and get signed off consent - far too much worry on my part, pass my the lustre spray instead!

So what are your thoughts on this debate? Most bakers I know have chosen to ditch the glitters all together whilst some only use it on items that can be removed from cakes. Both decisions are right, which makes it all the more confusing!


Rediscovering my love of baking

Phew- what a busy week! I've just come out of one of my busiest caking weeks in months and whilst I loved every minute of it, I'm overdue a little rest now. And how do I rest? By baking of course!


Star Bakery cake pops used in advertising

I like to take pictures of my baked creations. Lots of 'em. I don't have a fancy camera so I figure the more I take, the more chance I have of getting a good shot.


Cupcakes and lace

As a working Mum, I get very little time on my own and working from home does nothing to aid my social life. Thankfully, since starting Star Bakery I have met some fab cakey-ladies online who are in similar positions to me across the country and we use online forums and resources to vent/share business etc etc (thank you Flickr forums!!) Being a member of an online community is like working in an office, except I can wear pyjamas to work. And I don't have to brush my hair.