Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie bars

I had a craving. A peanut butter one. I know it's serious when I get a PB craving, and if it's not seen to immediately then my cupboards will be raided until I'm sat on the floor with a spoon and a jar of the creamy stuff....


My recent cakes from Swirls Bakery

As most of you will be aware, aside from blogging, parenting and working part time in a sugarcraft shop I also run my own bakery from home! I've run my business for 6yrs now and with each year I get more and more amazing cake request from my fab clients, so this week I thought I'd share a few of my favourite cakes from recent months.


Salted caramel shortbread

It's wedding season. For a cake maker running a bakery this means one thing - cakes, cakes and more cakes. I'm not complaining though, far from it. In fact, life seems more structured when I'm busy as I fall back on my trusty to-do lists, but actually my blogging hiatus for the past month has helped me manage my work and get things back on track. You can see all the cakes I've been working on here!