Sweet loaded cookie bars

Are you as excited about Halloween as me? I love Halloween and I'm sooo glad that it's becoming increasingly popular in the UK, it's not just the trick or treating that I love either (though we're lucky to have very generous neighbours).

It's nice to be about to celebrate a seasonal holiday before Christmas takes it's toll. Regular readers of my blog will know by now that I am also a Christmas FIEND so I can start to channel some of that seasonal excitement before I start to annoy my family with talk of "How early is too early to put the tree up?".


'Screme' egg Halloween brownies

It had to be done. I'm sure a few of you remember my Creme Egg brownies from earlier this year and as soon as I saw the green 'Screme' egg versions in my local shop I knew I'd have to make them again...

I used a slightly different brownie recipe for this batch as I wanted a more cakey brownie this time and it worked really well. If you want a rich and decadent sweet treat then stick with my original recipe but if you only have cocoa in the house and want an easy bake with the kids - then the recipe below is much more forgiving.


'Blood' splattered meringue bones

A few weeks ago the Nottingham Evening Post asked me to submit a recipe or bake that would feature in their Halloween themed weekend pull out. I have soooo many Halloween ideas pinned and I decided that this would be the ideal opportunity to give something new a try.

I wanted to submit a fairly easy bake that people could create with their kids so I chose the easiest recipe I know - meringue!

These Halloween bones are simple to make and would look great on any Halloween dessert table, you could even dust them with cocoa powder for an aged look or add food colouring to your mix and make some multi coloured witches bones.


Chocolate chip and banana muffins

I go through banana phases. Some days I find myself really craving them and then others, I am positively off the idea of them. My one bananary (is that a word?) achilles heel is a nice banana loaf with a cup of tea.

My Mum used to make a killer banana loaf and I've discovered a fab recipe for a banana cake with cream cheese frosting but it's a time intensive recipe so I don't make it often and only for special occasions.


Happy Birthday Momma

Whether you're having fun or not, time flies. But where does the time go? We can easily pass time by looking at life events and studying house moves, kids, marriages, work etc but sometimes looking back and wondering how you've got through a long period of time without someone fills you with sadness as you realise that old adage - that life really does go on.


Browned butter funfetti cookie cups

Cookie cups are my new favourite thing. It's all the yumminess of a cookie, except with buttercream. Sugary = WIN!

I've already spoken about my newly found appreciation for browned butter and I'm trying to source more recipes that I can use it in, but then I figured that the best way to use it would be with some plain old sugar cookies! I wanted to see if the nutty butteriness flavour really did shine through so I decided to whip up some cookie cups.