Hep C-ya!

Well this is a post I never thought I'd get the chance to write! Friends, relatives and regular readers of my blog will already know that my Mum passed away from Hepatitis C in 2003, and subsequently I was diagnosed with it in 2004. I've had it since birth but it lay undiagnosed until 2004.

In 2005, I underwent treatment to clear the disease - and unfortunately it failed. I've been extremely lucky to not suffer toooo many symptoms of the disease but my liver has been a bit battered (I have Cirrhosis and a few other medical complications). It's always been a dream of mine to one day be clear of it before things started to get worse...

Fast forward to 2014, and a flurry of activity in the research sector started to give me, and millions of others, hope. Hep C is often called the 'silent killer' as many people are unaware they have it but with millions of people around the world suffering, and some dying, a raft of new treatments suddenly became available.


2016 - Let's do this!

Goodbye 2015, and Hello 2016! Last year ended with a unexpected bump, but I can honestly admit that I'm utterly looking forward to 2016 and all the adventures it brings!

I have lots of exciting things already lined up for this year starting with a crocheting class at the Craft Studio in Nottingham. Now that might not sound exciting to you, but the idea of taking on a NEW non-cake related hobby sounds like bliss to me! They have lots of other fab looking courses so no doubt I'll be finding lots of new hobbies this year.

Between cake shows, Comic Cons, weekend city breaks and other social shenanigans; I really am starting to feel excited at the prospect of an action packed year. Throw in the usual bi-monthly Cake Club and my diary is already starting to look suitably cake filled!