The circle of cake life

I made a cake for my Mother in Laws 60th birthday this weekend. I always like to make family cakes as it means putting some extra love into what I'm doing which always reminds me of how my Mum and Nana taught me to bake: my Nana says "Put love into what you're making and it will always turn out great". How true.


Star Bakery is 2 years old!

Well, my poor blog updates have really suffered in 2011! I apologise to all my readers that my posts have been sparse but I thought I'd make it up today with a little look back at 2010...

Firstly, last month I celebrated Star Bakery's 2nd birthday :) I always had dreams of having a successful little cake business but all of my lovely clients have turned my business into something so much more successful and beyond all expectations.

As some of you will remember I was made redundant in December 2009. Star Bakery was a part time venture for me (alongside a full time role in Marketing and Communications) up until that point and suddenly I had the opportunity to turn my dream into a reality. So, in January 2010 I worked around the clock to get my name out there and was rewarded with my busiest month since I started. I blogged, tweeted and Facebooked until I was blue in the face and it all paid off.