Frugal half term activity for the kids

Like most parents, I'm on a budget for this half term. My boys have more than enough toys to occupy them but you know what it's like, they seem to lose interest in anything they already own and you're never more than a few minutes away from the dreaded "MUUUM, we're bored" routine.

A few days ago we were stocking up at Aldi when I spotted this cool box (OK, did I just say that out loud??) but I just knew it would occupy the boys so I nabbed it and used it for our shopping.

Fast forward to today when we broke out the felt tips, broke the box in half and let each boy create their own little 'stage'. I knew Milo would want a train track so I helped him just a teensy bit ;)

They had loads of fun playing with their usual toys on their stages and it occupied them for at least 30mins which was fab for a free activity.

It might sound like an obvious playtime activity for some parents but I tend to get way too focussed on my shopping to notice things like this so remember this little post next time you're out and about.

Mummy - 1. Boredom - 0.

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