Easy American Biscuits

I've been making american biscuits for a few years now and finding the perfect recipe has so far alluded me. If you've never tried and american biscuit then I'd say it's similar to a savoury scone but softer and fluffier and best served warm - you typically make them to soak up any gravy after a feast of chicken and mashed potatoes. YUM.

I came across this recipe on my blog travels and couldn't believe it's minimal ingredients. Double cream and flour. THAT'S IT. Surely this is a typo? But nope, I was proved wrong when I made them and they came out delicious!

The key to this recipe is to not overmix. I used a wooden spoon and barely worked the dough until it was combined, my biscuits came out a little 'rustic' as I had to re roll my dough after forgetting to flour the surface (d'oh!) but I'm definitely making these again so I've learnt a lesson for next time.

I didn't have self raising flour in the house so I made my own as per the recipe link. I also scaled the recipe down to half and it made approx 6 biscuits using a 7cm round cutter.

I'd recommend making them with eggs and bacon as a breakfast sandwich or just as a easy tea time treat.

Recipes notes: Heavy cream = Double cream in the UK.

Ingredients for homemade self raising flour
Link to recipe here.

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