Brownie Pops for Valentines

It's the annual week of love. Everywhere you turn you're surrounded by hearts, flowers and other grand displays of romance and whilst I don't buy into spending lots of money to measure my love for Mr Star Bakery - I do like to make an effort and make a little something nice.

I'm all for using the skills that god gave me so what better way to treat someone than to bake them some treats? It's also becoming more commonplace to make something for the kids to take to school so I've found a little recipe that might just fit the bill.

The folks at Baking Mad got in touch recently to tell me a little more about their website and whilst I was already familiar with them, it was nice to see how much more there is on there site nowadays as they seem to be building a baking community rather than just hosting recipes. I decided to try out one of the Valentines Day recipes; well actually that's a lie, I actually combined 2 recipes as I couldn't decide between them!

My eldest son is mad about brownies so when I saw these brownie heart pops I knew I had to try them (I also had some red candy melts that needed using up). I wanted to customise them a little and then I came across their recipe for rolo brownie hearts and decided to combine them both.

I used part of the recipe from the 'rolo hearts' and froze my rolos to keep them intact inside the brownie batter. This worked to an extent as I ended up with bursts of a chewy centre inside my brownie but I'd probably freeze them solid next time to see if they hold their shape a little better.

Cake pops seem to bring out the worst in some people but these brownie versions are a little easier and I'd recommend refrigerating your brownie before cutting and 'popping' as cold cake is always more manageable to work with, and these brownies are no exception.

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