Chocolate covered Oreos

I never knew this mould existed until I started working in a cake supplies shop and ever since I saw them I knew I had to buy one. I'm talking about chocolate moulds for Oreo cookies.

Wilton is one of my favourite cake decorating companies and we're not lucky enough to be spoiled with all of the fun stuff they get in the States but that's slowly changing...hurrah!

These moulds are made for use with Oreo cookies and cost about £2.50. The candy melts are £2.99 and I got about 20-24 cookies out of one bag of melts so these treats work out at about 30p each which was perfect as I made them as Valentine's treats to give away - this cost will obviously decrease next time I make them as I won't be buying the mould again which makes it even better value!

I recently bought a bag of Mint Oreos online and they were an expensive treat (yummy though!) so a work colleague of mine suggested using chocolate mint candy melts to cover my Oreos and OH MY DAYS. What a taste sensation!!

I can see myself buying every seasonal variation of this mould as I sent Fin to school with some and they received rave reviews from his mates. Praise indeed!

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  1. These are so fun, and my girls would LOVE helping with that. Great idea!

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