Quick and easy marshmallow pops

My eldest boy (8 going on 18...) had a friend over for tea recently and it seems my dear son has been spreading knowledge of my love for baking far and wide as his little friend turned to me and in between eating mouthfuls of dinner and excitedly said "I can't wait to see what cake you made for pudding!" Uh oh...

Dear readers, I hadn't even made tea (they had a fish and chip supper) so the idea of preparing a freshly baked anything was not even remotely possible.

I was in a panic. I mean, Fin was relying on me to pull something impressive out of the bag to back up his school boasts but the cupboards were bare! I normally keep things on hand for quick no bakes but it'd been a hectic week and we'd been living off of tinned food for more days than I can count...

And then I remembered a few giant marshmallows I'd found in Asda the week before. When I say giant I mean giant...
They are part of the new American candy invasion aisle in Asda which is currently filled with hershey's and peanut butter cups.

I also had some paper straws and a few candy melts that needed to be used up so I decided to make marshmallow pops. It literally took about 10mins and the longest time was waiting for the melts to harden!

Pop the straws straight into the marshmallow - the
marshmallow stickyness keeps them in place.
Melt your candy melts - use of an baby spoon is optional but I love their flexibility!
Let children devour. TOP TIP: Get baby wipe ready for stickmess that ensues,
The kids loved them and they were quick and easy. They'd work wonderfully on smaller marshmallow but you know me - why go for small dessert portions when you can go LARGE.

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