Dough! It's time to try my hand at bread

My baking portfolio falls short. There is one aspect of baking that I have never been able to turn my hand to...making bread. Dear blog reader, please believe me when I say I HAVE tried; but it seems I am seriously lacking the patience that it requires to make a decent loaf.

But, I'm not one to walk away from a challenge. I came across a great artisan cooking school which is tantalisingly close to me in Nottinghamshire and all of their courses look soooo good so I hope to save some funds and attend a course next year (it'll take me that long to save up AND choose a course!).

Just looking through their website inspired me to try my hand again at some sort of bread item and a quick google lead me to a recipe that looked too easy to be true! I had a massive bread craving one evening and I decided to take the plunge and fire up the unused dough hook on my kitchenaid...

This is the recipe I found and although it's in american measures I have a conversion chart on the tab at the top of my blog. I also found a FAB youtube video which taught me how to shape rolls - I bloomin love Youtube (not for the dodgy videos but for everything else).

The only thing I'd change about my rolls is to allow them to proof for longer. I was a bit impatient with them and only left them for the allotted 20mins and I think next time I'd go for an hour or so just to make them even fluffier.

I didn't have time to take many good pictures but the original blog post has loads so I'll leave you with just a few of my pictures and the resulting rolls which I hope to make again real soon :)

Milk and butter melted and ready for dry ingredients
Bread rolls ready to prove on a greased baking sheet
Rolls straight from the oven! I'd be tempted to milk wash them next time to give them crusty tops
Look!! I made bread! I think I stared at this for at least 5mins before taking a picture.

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