Dinner time cowboy style

Oh yes, I made this picture big to taunt you with their deliciousness!!
I love the internet. Seriously, if you ever need a recipe you can guarantee you'll find something within minutes of Googling it. I mean, nothing beats sitting with a stack of cake books and pouring over the pages for the 'perfect' vanilla cupcake recipe but when it comes to dinner - I offer myself to the internet dinner gods.

One of my all time favourite savour food blogs comes courtesy of Ree Drummond and her Pioneer Woman blog. I've been reading her blog for years and she's now gained a huge following after releasing a book and appearing on American TV. I really could gush about her but just out her site - I mean, it left me wanting my own Marlboro Man!!

So last week I was diagnosed with Anemia. Of course my FIRST thought was food related and I convinced myself that the Dr's handwriting on the prescription said 'steak' so I took myself off to the supermarket and 'begrudgingly' picked up my prescription...

I love a good steak and after years of failed attempts at making the perfect melt in my mouth steak I came across a recipe which simply mixed olive oil with a little garlic powder and onion powder and left them on a plate for 15mins prior to cooking. I cook my steaks on a high heat for 5mins each side and then leave to rest for 10mins or so before eating. YUMMY!

Steak being marinated
I also had some onions and potatoes and I decided upon my favourite Ree recipe - Onion Strings. I've posted about these before and oh my days, PLEASE try them if you haven't yet. The key seems to be in using a thermometer to get the right temperature for your oil and they might seem faffy but they are sooo worth it. I have to admit I like more of a crunch in mine so I do add coat them quite generously in the flour mixture.
Oh man, I could eat these every day... (I don't think my arteries would like that though...)
And lastly, the perfect accompaniment. Chips! I put my faith in Ree again and opted to try her Perfect French Fries. I followed the recipe to the letter and these were hands down the best chips I have ever eaten! I don't fry food very often but these were a real treat. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I made about 5 large potatoes worth and my family could have eaten more. In fact, I'm sure the plate kept emptying between batches...
Waiting for their hot oil bath
The dinner was deemed successful by my boys which made me very happy (and the rare steak did indeed give me an iron boost!).

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