What 'we' love about Britain - Happy Egg competition entry

Our 'Bake the Nation' competition entry via our new bakery - Swirls Bakery
Happy Jubilee weekend everyone! Now, this might seem odd coming from a very patriotic US expat but I LOVE the monarchy. This comment might inspire grumbles of displeasure from some of you but I am really enjoying the party like atmosphere that seems to be descending upon us all and my daily walk to school is now lined with union flags hanging from houses up and down the street - I'll be gutted when all this bunting goes away!

And to stay with this theme, a few weeks ago Happy Egg got in touch to let me know about a competition they were running to celebrate their all british, free range eggs. Now, I'm not sponsored to say this but I DO only use Happy Eggs so I was thrilled to be given a heads up to this competition! But then terror struck, what on earth should I make?

Well this is where I struggled. I love the UK but being an expat, I view it with very different eyes so the theme of 'sum up your favourite thing about the UK' was a tough one. What should I choose? How do I decide my one favourite thing? It had to be a decorated cake (of course) and I knew I'd struggle to put on theme on a cake so then I had a brainwave. I'll let YOU decide what your favourite things are and then I'll design a cake based around that.

So I did.

I tweeted and asked my followers to list their favourite things and they did. A LOT of them did! So I made a list of all the things and picked out a few words that kept cropping up. I then designed a cake which literally 'listed' them all and any duplicate words were picked out in red. This word in particular cropped up again and again...

Tea - this word came up a LOT.
One word which I couldn't fit on the cake was 'strawberries' so I decided to make them into the topper. I guess if I made this cake again I'd use real strawberries but I think they look pretty darn yummy either way.

Some of the words include - 'cricket, pimms, seaside, fish n chips, countryside, victoria sponge'

If you have entered then good luck! The competition closes at 5.30pm TODAY so get your skates on and get entering! You can see some of the other entries on their Facebook page here and although I'm posting my cake pictures on my Star Bakery blog they will link to my new bakery page over at Swirls Bakery. Our blog over at Swirls isn't up and running yet so my entry will be from Swirls just posted here first - and if you haven't already liked our Facebook page then please do so :)

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