Robot cupcakes - yummy fun!

A few months ago I entered a competition over at 'Love, life and living with boys' and ended up winning some rather cool little robot themed 'Yumbot' cupcake moulds.

They're little silicone moulds which you can pop your cake batter straight into and bake on a baking sheet. I've never really got on with silicone so I was really keen to try these out and see what they were like.

The packaging shows some ideas for decoration and as they're nice and sturdy they're particularly good to try out with the kids. I used my normal vanilla cupcake recipe in them and whilst it didn't rise particularly well, they seemed to have bake in the same time and I used roughly the same amount of batter in each mould as I would do a standard muffin size cupcake.

The really fun part was in the decorating! I used my grass tip wilton nozzle and piped some 'hair' onto the robots and the kids added sprinkles accordingly. The mould is non stick so you could pop the cupcake out but my boys chose to eat them straight from the mould and pop out the last bit instead.

I would definitely use these again as I often have little bits of batter leftover from a batch of cupcakes and it's rare that you find funky little cupcake themed gifts that boys would enjoy so these are a rarity to say the least!!
The colourful trio - I love their little faces!
The mohican was especially for my son who is OBSESSED with mohicans. Needless to say he bagsy'd that straight away...

Thanks again to Kate for my lovely prize!!


  1. oh my giddy aunt! I need to find some of these :D how awsome! xx

    1. They're definitely lots of fun! I want to fill them with things just to have their little faces around the kitchen :)

  2. Anonymous2.6.12

    They look fabulous! I didn't realise you were a Star Baker :) I will have to show these to Spud in the morning and I'm sure he will want to create some hairdos for our little YumBots. Thank so much for the mention too x

    1. No problem Kate, I've really enjoyed making cakes in them and creating the fun hair really sets them off for the kiddies :)