Strawberries, pastry and whipped cream. YES.

Yummy dessert! So quick and easy to make.
Whilst walking through Nottingham the other day I spotted some fabulous looking strawberries on a stall in Nottingham city centre. Now, I have a real soft spot for a yummy strawberry and as my plants aren't quite bearing fruit yet I couldn't help but indulge and buy a big punnet to snack on. Luckily my boys are also strawberry lovers so we shared them all whilst continuing our jaunt around town.

By the time we got home we didn't have a huuuuge amount left but I also found some whipping cream in the fridge and I suddenly remembered a gorgeous looking pudding I came across on Pinterest. It was a Delia Smith recipe and it seemed a bit faffy to me (I like my cakes more instantaneous) but I spied some ready made puff pastry sheets in the supermarket and came up with an idea to try my own version of a Fruit Millefeuille.

The strawberries were a little on the tart side and I wanted to make a syrup to drizzle over the Millefeuille so I used a simple recipe which would encourage the strawberries to make their own syrup and wrapped them up in the fridge till later. I left them for about 4hrs which was the perfect time as they had made a nice bright red juice.

I then made some vanilla bean whipped cream using a recipe my Mum gave me which is essentially 2 tablespoons of sugar and some vanilla beans whipped into cream to create a fluffy sweet pillowy treat. I found a recipe online which suggested freezing your mixing bowl and beaters so I also gave this method a try and it produced some lovely cold whipped cream! Definitely a delicious addition to any summery dessert.

I baked the pastry sheets and layered them with cream and strawberries and then drizzled some of the juice and it was sooo yummy. Even though the recipe looks French I can't help but feeling this dish seemed very British so it was the perfect pudding for our jubilee weekend meal. I'd definitely recommend making it - it's so simple and the strawberries in syrup can be used in a variety of ways so I know what I'm doing next time I have them leftover!

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