Star Bakery featured on Zen Cupcake

The fabulous blog Zen Cupcake featured one of my older cupcake creations on her blog to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day.

I follow Zen on Twitter, Flickr and her blog and she posts some great pccies for us cupcake lovers! Thanks again Zen!


  1. You are a sweetheart. It's my pleasure. I have a longer post in the works about your gorgeous and tempting cupcakes. I'll have it up later today.

    Many thanks!

    Zen Cupcake

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the nice words ! I just started tinkering with cakes in March because my daughter asked me to make her birthday cake, and since my bakery went out of business, I had to ! I find it addicting. I've made 4 cakes so far and want to do alot more but practicing gets expensive !! I love your site.

  3. More about Star Bakery here. http://www.zencupcake.com/2009/07/star-bakery-lianas-uk-cupcakes.html