Domestic Goddess or not?

When I decided to start in this business, one thing I took for granted was that you'd have to be a great baker. Surely it's a given?

But no, I have since discovered that quite a few great cake decorators buy there cakes from wholesalers to enable them to concentrate on making it look fabulous without having to worry about the cooking part. At first, this struck me as a bit odd but the more I think about it the more I realise that it's not where you get the cake from that counts - it's how it tastes.

There has always been a big debate about using box cake mixes and whilst I use these for my family (rarely, but it does happen) I am a baker at heart. I can easily buy a plain cake base but I think my clients buy from me because of taste and I don't want to set a precedent by going down this route just yet. I also find that the cost it takes me to make/buy is comparible. I don't think I would ever use a box cake mix for a client though - I am sure they would be able to tell and my costs reflect a homemade taste that you can't get from a box.

The debate rages on, I think its a personal choice and I think it depends on what your passion is too.


  1. I am on the fence with this one. I have made homemade cakes and I have made box cakes with my stuff added to it. I had my cake decorating instructor that stated she hated boxed mixes and I told her that she would never be able to tell when I made a box cake. She thought I could not fool her. Well one day in one of our lessons. I made a box cake the way I make it. Everyone was saying how my cake smelled so good blah blah blah. Well so did the instructor. I told her why dont you taste my cake. Of course she forgot about the conversation we had when I first started her classes. Well lets just say that she loved the cake and she fell to the ground when she found out it was box mix lol.

    So I am very on the fence and for me I actually enjoy it more than homemade I am not sure why. But then again never had box mix from someone else. Or maybe I did and didnt know lol

  2. I agree, we have less boxed cake mixes for sale in the UK than in the USA but I don't think I've had one made by another person so I'm not sure if I've been 'duped' before! I do love a good homemade cake though so I guess I am just a cake lover in all its forms!