How to use fondant letter stamps

I've seen a lot of cakes recently that have text on them, not hand written text, but lovely perfect stamped text which sits into the fondant on a cake or cake board.

I recently found out that many people use normal craft stamps to give this effect (using them only for cake decorating for hygiene purposes) and I thought this was a great idea! Craft stamps come in hundreds of shapes and sizes and if used properly can look fantastic on cakes and cupcakes covered in fondant.

I recently bought one of those make any message stamp kits from Wilton and have been playing with it on a dummy cake board covered in fondant. These are the results so far:

Pretty basic so far but I think with time, this effect can be used in many different ways. Most people press the letters into the cake board to print a message and then highlight the embossed letters with lustre/glitter. The idea behind the kit is to pipe over the letters but I like the fact somebody has decided to use them differently to come up with another decorating method. Brilliant!


  1. You know I have bought those stamps that they use for crafts. I figured that was what everyone was using since I had not seen anything else. But every time I try to do it. They stick to the fondant. I am thinking maybe I need put cornstarch on my stamp before stamping?

    Yours came out perfect. Maybe I need to try the Wilton stamps.

  2. I think you're right, cornstarch is needed to prevent the stamp from sticking. You can easily wipe it off the fondant with a brush after you're finished stamping.

    The Wilton word stamps are so easy to use as they are quite deep, give them a go if you get hold of them!