Cocktails in Nottingham

Cocktails have never really been my 'thing' when it comes to drinking. Don't get me wrong, I can fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a great cocktail but they're usually waaaaay too strong for me - or so expensive that I rule them out due to budget constraints!

But recently I've had a flurry of nights out where cocktails have been the primary option and I'm slowly coming around to enjoying a well made cocktail. Which is lucky really as Nottingham has some of the best cocktail bars in the UK!

One of the newest venues on the scene is Alchemist. Based in the centre of Nottingham, it is a gorgeous venue for food and cocktails and it has a very extensive drinks menu that will keep you busy! They also offer some delicious non-alcoholic versions of their drinks and my guest that night was driving and fancied one of the alcoholic cocktails, so they duly made it alcohol free on request. I had the Screwball and they had the Solero - both were utterly delicious and very reasonably priced considering the work that went into making them! 
A few weeks later I went back to the Alchemist to sample the food menu for my birthday and even though I had wine, they made it extra special for me...
Another venue which I have visited more often (the tapas are fab!) is Revolucion de Cuba situated on Queen Street opposite the Post Office. We visited here for a birthday celebration and the cocktails were BOGOF so of course we had to indulge! They were all very nice and presented in a fab array of glasses but we went on a Saturday night and the wait time for drinks meant we were standing around for a long time waiting and some drinks even arrived after we'd started eating!
But most recently I have discovered a bar called Lost Property based in Hockley. It really is hidden away and I never knew it existed until my guest showed me how to get in! It has a bar in the caves, but this was full the night we went so we chose to sit upstairs. The bar is deceivingly big and we found a nice table tucked away to peruse the menu and make our choices. I loved the old skool addition of Cherry B wine and Babycham as a chaser to some of the drinks and whilst they were delicious, they were definitely a bit pricier. The price didn't bother me at all though as the venue was superb and you definitely felt more hidden away which was lovely for a cosy night out! In fact, we're already planning our next visit!

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