Happy Dough Lucky - Review

I have heard nothing but great reviews about Happy Dough Lucky - a new pizza pop up located in the centre of Nottingham opposite Annie's Burger Shack.

As a follower of their page, I can see that they advise booking a table but we were in the area about 1pm on a Saturday afternoon so we decided to pop in and take our chances. Luckily we were the first customers of the day so we chose a nice big table for our group of 6. The restaurant has a lovely feel to it and the tables were nice and spacious which was a great start!

We were quickly followed in by 2 other customers but we took our time to make our food choices and we actually ended up ordering a cross section of the menu as everyone had spotted something different to try.

It was only after taking our order did we realise that there was only one member of staff taking food orders, preparing drinks, making the food and serving customers. Whilst we weren't in an immediate hurry, we pencilled in 1.5hrs to eat as we had afternoon plans later that day.

The member of staff who served us was lovely but disappointingly the food took way over an hour to make its way to our table. Now, I am not adverse to waiting for quality fresh food but the only reason for the wait was the lack of staff. Its disappointing that there wasn't someone else around to help out (maybe it was unavoidable?) but at least an acknowledgement from staff that there would be a delay would have allowed us to make alternative arrangements.

But I digress! When the food arrived it was EXCELLENT. The pizza was fresh and delicious and a very decent size. We also sampled a number of the sides (Garlic Dough Balls, Katsu Chicken strips, sweet potato fries) and they were all cooked beautifully and tasted fab. Unfortunately, one member of our group had to leave without eating, but we had her food boxed up as a takeaway instead.

I actually revisited the restaurant a few days later (in the evening this time) and had a very different experience as our food arrived promptly and tasted even better than my first visit! We also got the chance to meet one of the co-owners who was lovely and chatted with us about his new venue when their lease comes to a finish at the present location.

I would definitely recommend a visit but I'd probably go in the evening. I suspect our wait was a one off as all the reviews are very positive, but I like to give honest reviews and this was just my experience on this occasion.

We didn't have time to sample the dessert menu but later on that evening we did head to Doughnotts for doughnuts in the sunshine and we weren't disappointed...

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