Extreme Running!

Running at night is hard enough as it is, we have to light up like a Christmas Tree to be seen on the road and most trail routes are off limits after dark. I absolutely LOVE running trails so this has been hard for me over the Winter months as most of my running is done after work.

So when an opportunity arose for me to take part in an organised Night Run through Sherwood Forest, I jumped at the chance! I absolutely love Sherwood Forest and their Park Run is one of my favourites. The route was slightly longer, at 7km, and followed mostly main paths through the forest.

The run had already been postponed once due to snow but as the new date approached, once again snow and ice warnings were in place...

Luckily the run still went ahead and we braved the -2c temperatures and driving through the snow to reach our destination. The organisers did a great job of getting us all ready and out of 400 registered attendees, over 220 made it to the start line on the night.

It was my first time running with my new chest light and I highly recommend it! I can't wear head lights as I find them really uncomfortable but this chest light was perfect and I barely noticed I was wearing it. It has 3 light functions and will fit most sizes.
This run was by far my favourite run of the year and we all finished with a smile on our faces! It took quite a while to warm up after the run but I can now say I've run in a blizzard so that's another one ticked off the bucket list!
I'm looking forward to booking more night runs later this year, I don't enjoy running in really hot weather so the idea of night runs in the Summer really appeal to me and luckily there are lots being organised in the East Midlands so we have lots of options to choose from!

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