Review: Lunch at the Three Crowns in Nottingham!

I love a traditional pub. With all the drinking establishments in Nottingham you'd think that we'd be overrun with pubs but alas, themed bars and certain chain pubs have taken over and I often find I need to venture out of the city centre if I want to find a nice pub or somewhere for a nice beer and a bite to eat which isn't too overcrowded.

So I was thrilled to recently be invited to sample the new menu at the revamped Three Crowns pub and restaurant in Nottingham City Centre. The Three Crowns is a really nice refurbished pub which stands where Reflex used to be opposite the Royal Centre. It's got a nice modern feel and is run by the Sizzling Pubs chain so they have a nice selection of craft beers on tap and a really extensive menu to choose from.

I took the boys with me when I went and we managed to bag a lovely big booth in the middle of the pub. The pub is unrecognisable from it's Reflex days! Like any pub nowadays you have to order by going to the bar but this gave us a nice chance to really look at the menu and choose our food. The service was pretty quick, but as the pub had only opened a few days before our visit there were a few teething problems with staff using the till for food. But that was quickly sorted and the service we got from staff was generally good. They offered to carry drinks to our table and the boys were given colouring packs to pass the time as we waited for food.
Milo ordered from the very reasonably priced childrens' menu and was really pleased with his bangers and mash. I had fajitas whilst Fin ordered a mini sizzling platter of steak and chicken and he was in his element! The food was brought out on sizzling hot platters and the staff warn you not to touch the plates when they set them down as they're so hot! I will say the presentation of the food leaves a lot to be desired, what we ate tasted nice but didn't look overly appealing...

We were all really pleased with our food and drinks and the dessert menu was the last menu to sample. And boy did we sample it! I had a profiterole sundae whilst the boys had ice cream desserts of their own and we were stuffed by the end!

The price of the food is very reasonable and in line with many chain pubs nowadays, each day has a different special menu so one day it'll be BOGOF on desserts or a steak club etc.

We visited at about 3pm on a Saturday and by 5pm the pub had started to fill up with evening drinkers. I would suggest that if you're going for a meal with kids then you'd go during the midweek or late morning/early afternoon at the weekend.

I'll definitely visit the pub again when I'm in Nottingham and maybe this time I'll sample the lovely craft beers :)

Thanks to the Sizzling Pubs for offering us a complimentary meal in return for an honest review!

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