Celebrating Star Wars day on May the 4th!

Needless to say, Star Wars is a big deal in our house. I wasn't exactly brought up watching Star Wars but you know I love my sci-fi and it's a great movie to get your kids started in the world of science fiction. So, I have embraced the force in recent years which is a good job as my eldest knows the Star Wars universe inside and out...

Last year I decided to surprise Fin by hosting a themed family day in honour of Star Wars day which falls on 4th May. Each year more and more fans are celebrating the day which is making it easier to get involved in events locally and online.

Some people spend the day watching ALL the movies, but I didn't exactly relish the idea of sitting in front of the TV all day so after doing a little Pinterest research I decided to create our own little house party.
I didn't want to spend a lot so I scoured the house for every Star Wars toy I could find and printed off lots of posters and free themed printables just to make the house more 'festive'. I set out a timetable for the day and found lots of foodie inspiration online - so aside from the cost of a few extra foodie treats and printing, the whole day ending up costing us very little...and the boys absolutely loved it! I even found some free colouring printables which were invaluable at keeping Milo quiet during film screenings...
For me, finding ways to share Fin's interests is challenging as he's at the age where he just wants to play games with his Dad and watch TV, so this fun day was an excellent way to indulge in his passions with him and spent quality time together as a family.
Do you celebrate May the Fourth? What do you and your family do to 'get your geek on'?! I started a Pinterest board to collate all of my favourite Star Wars themed party ideas here so take a look if you need inspiration! And have you seen the Star Wars range from Lakeland? I NEED that Millenium Falcon cake tin in my life!

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