Summer holiday dreaming

So here they are, the summer holidays are upon us! I can't believe it's already the end of another school year and as my eldest starts Junior school in September, I'm feeling particularly nostalgic this week.

What are everyone's plans for this holiday season? I wish I could say our time was full of anticipation for our family holiday to *insert suitable location here* but alas one of the downsides of being self employed is the lack of savings for such fun holiday jaunts in the sun.

After 4yrs of self employment I'm starting to realise that like any job, this career has it's ups and downs. The 'ups' are endless: more family time, career satisfaction, creativity outlet etc etc. The 'downs' are thankfully in short supply but being an expert money budgeter is one of my least favourites to date! After working endless hours week after week I feel desperate to be able to treat my family to a weekend away at the seaside where the word 'cake' goes unmuttered but alas a few costly repairs and replacements at home have left the coppers a little lacking...

But never fear dear reader! I've never been one to dwell on the downside of life and after hearing of some particularly tough times my friends in full time employment are going through, I am determined to appreciate my little part of the job market and be continually thankful that so many clients have chosen my work and filled my weekends for the summer months.

So this year is going to full of day trips and museum visits to occupy our free time. We did manage to budget for a National Trust family membership so I'm looking forward to finding lots of new grounds to explore with the boys and loads more Instagrams to clutter up my phone with.

Speaking of which, here is a little taste of our day trip to Belton House in Grantham this weekend - our first trip as National Trust members! Yay!

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