Star Bakery cake pops used in advertising

I like to take pictures of my baked creations. Lots of 'em. I don't have a fancy camera so I figure the more I take, the more chance I have of getting a good shot.

Last year, I went on a fab photography course run by Lyndsey James. She if a fab photographer and does a lot of work with small businesses to encourage them to use good quality photos to sell your products. She'll also teach you how to use your own camera and believe me when I say that it's worth putting aside money to do this! My photography has improved so much since meeting Lyndsey and I'd really recommend taking one of her courses or paying to have some cool product shots done - there's nothing worse then a beautiful cake photo ruined by a plug socket or kitchen clutter in the background.

With that in mind, late last year I was contacted by Knightsbridge PME asking if they'd like to use one of my photos for a trade fair display. Ummmmm? YES YES YES. It's a standard photo of some cake pops I made and as I used PME sprinkles to make the pops, they asked if they could use the photo to showcase one of the ways you can use sprinkles. Fast forward many months later and this is how my photo looked at the fair...

How cool is that?? They also sent me a big box filled with colours, sprinkles and all sorts of fun cakey items. It was like Christmas day opening that box! Some of the items will go towards a Cake Eaters Anonymous raffle prize and some will go straight onto my cakes...

So far I've only used the sprinkles and one food colour. The food colouring is cool as its a dropper style bottle so it provides a measured drop of liquid with no mess. It's not as strong as the gel colours but the range of colours is pretty good and I've only tried it in buttercream so I'll have to report back later on how it colours with fondant and cake batter.

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  1. Anonymous5.3.12

    Wow awesome! So many colours and a dropper is a great idea!