Birthday cakes for a baker

The proud creator shows off his masterpiece!
A lot of people assume that I must be sick of cake by now, that I no longer appreciate cake and that the last thing I want for my birthday is my own cake. But you know what, they'd be wrong! I LOVE cake and even though I work with (or around it) every day, I never cease to crave a piece of sweet cakey goodness at the end of a long day.

I do have a dark secret about cake though. I loved boxed cake mix! As an USA ex-pat, every year I treat myself to some American treats which include a box of my favourite Funfetti cake mix. My Mum always baked from scratch so I have no idea where this craving comes from but these cake mixes are my own secret love. I'd never use them for client orders but for family treats - pass the box!

It was my birthday last week and I had grand plans about making a highly styled cake for myself but as usual, time got away from me and whilst I did bake the cake with my son, I left the decorating to him! I gave him free reign with my sprinkles box and he produced his usual masterpiece...

Sprinkled laden cake!
I love getting my kids involved with baking. I've started to try and search out kiddie friendly recipes and Fin even knows how to use my Kitchen Aid mixer (could I be prouder?!) so I think I have a helper in the making.

I noticed the other day that Tesco's have started to sell a 'ready to bake' cake mix selection in the fridge section of my local store. I wanted to buy something to try out but I was a little taken aback by the prices - £3.50 for some vanilla cupcakes? Yes, I appreciate you're paying for the convenience but once you've added the cost of frosting then it might have been cheaper to make them from scratch!

I'd imagine that'd be great for the fact that your counter tops would remain intact but a lot of the classic cake recipes are easy to follow and the weighing/measuring side of baking has a whole new significance now Fin's SAT's are approaching as I try to incorporate adding/taking away into our baking escapades.

What about you? Are you a baker who bakes their own birthday cake or is that the one time of the year when you get a bought treat from your family?

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