Cupcakes and lace

As a working Mum, I get very little time on my own and working from home does nothing to aid my social life. Thankfully, since starting Star Bakery I have met some fab cakey-ladies online who are in similar positions to me across the country and we use online forums and resources to vent/share business etc etc (thank you Flickr forums!!) Being a member of an online community is like working in an office, except I can wear pyjamas to work. And I don't have to brush my hair.

We recently noticed that the Cake Decorating Company were running a cupcake course and whilst we're all cake makers by trade, we thought it'd be a great opportunity to meet up with one and other and more importantly, check out sugarveil aka edible lace!

So last week we attended the vintage cupcake course run by a lady called Claire Bowman and on her course we got to use silicone moulds, try our hand at hand painting with food colourings and more excitingly we also got to see a short Sugarveil demo. For those of you who don't know what this is then I urge you to check it out here.

We had a lovely day at CDC and the staff there were as attentive as ever and even gave us a sneak peak of some new edible glitter! The FSA recently reiterated that glitter labelled as 'non toxic' cannot be used on any cake decorations for consumption so the bakery world is eagerly waiting a replacement! Cue CDC!

They have lots of courses over at CDC now and I'd definitely recommend them if you're looking for a cupcake course in Nottingham. I would advise to go with a friend as there was a few ladies on our course whose partners bought them tickets etc and I think their experience would have been much more enjoyable if they had a buddy to chat to throughout the day. Instead they had to put up with us cackling away and cooing over edible lace...poor things!

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